This heavy duty drum chipper is meant for conversion of wood logs of any nature into wood chips. The infeed size of the wood log is between 2 to 18 inch diameter. The product size is between 7mm to 14 mm size (depends upon the customer's choice). The capacity of the machine is between 20 to 25 metric tons per hour.

The wood chips are used for various applications in different industries as boiler fuel or as a raw material.

Technical Specifications WOOD CHIPPING MACHINE

Type Drum
No of rotating Knives 4
Mode of Drum Drive V Belt
Drive Motor HP/RPM 250 / 960(Induction)
Output Capacity 20 to 25 MTS / Hr (Output Depends upon density of Material)
Output Product Size 7 - 40 mm
Infeed Materials Firewood logs upto 18" dia (with 30 - 40% Moisture content)
Mode of Feeding By Belt Conveyor and Grip Roller Feeder
Infeed Opening (Width x Height) 800 x 400
No of Dead Knife 2
Infeed Conveyor Size 5000 mm x 800 mm
Infeed Conveyor Drive 5 HP Geared Motor
Feed Roller Details HP 10 HP Geared Top Feeder 10 HP Geared Bottom Feeder
Output Conveyor Type Rubber Belt 3 ply 8 mm thick with side guard and necessary supports
Output Conveyor Size 5000 mm x 800 mm
Output Conveyor Drive 5 HP Geared Motor
Hydraulic Power Pack One - with 3 HP Drive Motor (suitable attachments for press feeding, feeder opening, hood opening etc.)

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